SEO – The What, Why, and How (SLIDES)

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Last week I did a couple of “lunch and learn” sessions for my colleagues at Fullhouse. The top was “SEO – The What, Why, and How”, and it was created to educate agency personnel that wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to the daily operations of SEO. In the deck, I cover:

  • What SEO actually is
  • Why search matters
  • How search engines work
  • My typical SEO process
  • Some metrics beneficial to measuring SEO success

It’s a lot like an “SEO 101″ with a little for everyone: account executives, project managers, designers, developers, and copywriters/copy-writers/copy-righters (SEO humor, get it?). Let me know what you think!

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  1. Lets face it, as digital professionals not many people are able to easily educate others about SEO and it’s benefits. Nice presentation here. Very good 101 and way to educate clients and other interested parties alike.

  2. Thanks Dennis – I sincerely believe that you can have the best product but if nobody can find you online it’s all for nothing.

  3. Anthony
    Nice solid presentation covering the basics. I’ll look forward to your next presentation that shows how to best present the results of your work to your clients. How to make the point without burying them in stats.

  4. Hey, nice post. It is covering all the basic of the SEO. It will help to represent your best work to the clients.Thanks for sharing this article with us. Keep sharing with us.

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